Architectural Photography


I believe in photographing structures as they are meant to be photographed, respecting the design by taking the same level of care and forethought in image production as was taken by the architect. Through initial site visits I first explore the location in detail and take time to identify a number of appropriate compositions that capture the beauty and personality of the structure and how it relates to its surroundings. This may also include specifically requested aspects, to support montage with 3d models.


To realise the composition, light must be controlled and captured. This generally involves a combination of:

Natural Sunlight

Using satelite imagery, trigonometry and meteorological models to assess the moment when the sun is perfectly placed for each pre-planned composition.

Location Lighting

Taking full advantage of any pre-existing artificial lighting on site.

Temporary Lighting

In special cases dedicated lighting may be provided to help achieve the perfect image.


I use a variety of imaging techniques depending on the project in question. This includes both film and digital technology, panoramic stitching and both low and high dynamic range imaging.

Post Production

The post production phase is generally used to help realise the image as originally planned and executed. This phase also allows us to remove any presence in the images that was logically unavoidable during the production.


Images may be delivered in a variety of formats depending on the needs of the client.

One Grand Parade

Park Place Courtyard Hatch Street

Park Place Stairs Hatch Street

Park Place Evening Hatch Street

Park Place Upstairs Hatch Street

RSA Entrance Dundrum

RSA Dundrum